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Donald Trumps Zuma

Before I start commenting on that US Election Candidate, let me first say that Vanity Fair Magazine is my new favourite Monthly.

It's everything any woman could want: yes, it has celeb pieces, fashion advertorials, and pop commentary, but more than that, it also feeds the intellect with well written, in-depth articles such as 'Whose N.R.A. is it?' (Sarah Ellison), 'Snakes on a Campaign' (Nicholas Shaxson) and 'St. George's Hidden Dragons' (Benjamin Wallace), to name a few.

They know what women want (hint: it is more than frilly things, pretty colours and gossip). I am just disappointed that I live way down here, because the most recent issue I could get my hands on, was that of August 2016 - and thanks to the weakness of the South African Rand, I had to pay roughly four times what I would for a local glossy.

As for my thoughts on Ol' Donald...

Susan Pace Hamill, as quoted by Nicholas Shaxson in Vanity Fair August 2016
I am in no mood to rehash the whole Nkandla saga we went through (or the fact that Jacob Zuma is still sitting comfortably), and I know that comparing Zuma to Trump might not be a pure comparison of apples to apples. All I would like to get off my chest is that, if Trump wins, the American Public may soon find themselves in a similar position that we are in now (but at a much, MUCH higher cost, if his personal beliefs are anything to go by). They will get stuck with a totally incompetent president who fills his own pockets at the expense of everyone around him.

Having read the Vanity Fair article by Nicholas Shaxson, it is now even clearer to me that his tax avoidance tactics alone should prove that voters need to think long and hard before they 'stand by their man'! I promise you, someone with such an absolute disregard for the importance of taxes to feed a national economy (especially those due by top earners), is not in politics to serve the people. He is in it to serve himself. For him, this run is just another deal to clinch.

P.S. Even if you still think that the one that will 'show you the money' is the right one for you, it is important to remember that he is not necessarily the nifty businessman you believe him to be. In fact, if he invested his inheritance and did absolutely nothing afterwards, he could have been worth billions more today (Money Talks - News).


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