Pinterest Trial #4: Spinach & Hake

Regrettably, I have no photo(s) to share of my dish.

I actually tried to take a few for you, but I was unable to get the right angle without showing you the dirty spots on my stove top. Eventually, not wanting to keep my guests waiting, or serving cold food, I gave up and we dug in.

I do feel, however, that I can confidently vouch for the deliciousness of the Spinach & Hake Bake Recipe I found on Pinterest - even if I can't prove that my final product looked great (everyone thought it looked delicious, but I must say, not EXACTLY like the image to the left).

Slight Tweaks

I made some slight changes to the recipe as I went along, because I'm the laziest person you'd ever meet. The two small changes I made were:
  • Not preparing the spinach at all. I just took the pre-rinsed leaves from the bag and chucked them in raw at the bottom of my oven-proof dish before arranging the hake fillets on top and pouring the sauce over it.
  • To add crispness to the topping I sprinkled crushed All Bran flakes over everything before popping it into the oven.
We'll definitely be making it again (just a little less rosemary next time).


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