Cape Hangklip:

South African Lighthouse No. 21

The Milnerton Twin

The Milnerton and Hangklip ligthouses were commissioned in the same year (Milnerton in March and Hangklip on 25 November 1960), and the lights installed in these two lighthouse towers are identical.

Photo Credit: Steve Hartwig, Outdoor Photo Community

The name 'Hangklip' means 'Rocky Overhang', the reason of which becomes quite apparent as soon as you see the multitude of rocks strewn about the coastline in this part of our country. To be honest, I'm surprised that it took them so long to install the lighthouse - apart from icebergs and stormy weather, rocky coastlines must surely be obvious seafaring hazards as well? It just makes sense to have warning lights wherever there are sharp shards sticking out towards the ocean.

FOOTNOTE: They say this lighthouse is so remote (not even open to the public) that maintenance staff have, from time to time, been spotting leopard footprints in the area surrounding it.


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