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Work Space 2016

Despite battling an unexpected summer cold, my 2015 ended on a mushy, comfortable high. Yesterday afternoon I surrendered to a surge of inspiration and we rearranged the lounge furniture for about an hour.

After numerous tries, we finally got it just right, but our nerdy satisfaction didn't end there. We then went to visit Lucy & Lilly*, ordered a take-away roadhouse dinner, and settled in with Pan's Labyrinth to ring in the New Year.

I hope this feeling of utter contentment lasts throughout most of 2016, and that the new writing nook will spurt forth a wealth of creativity.

*Their mother died last week - due to the owners' shameful neglect. They were only about three or four weeks old. Luckily we have a wonderful surrogate mother within our circle of human friends and all six pups are doing very well, but we feel that these two are still too small to leave their siblings to come home with us. We'll give them another week or so.


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