This Little Light Of Mine

I am altogether smitten with lighthouses.

Our love affair has been dragged around with me from the very first time that I saw one. Oddly enough, although it was love at first sight, I cannot remember when I saw my first lighthouse. I just know, in my heart, that I've always felt that way.

A similar observation can be made about my faith - I don't know when I started believing, I just know that I do.

Strangely enough, the two has always been linked for me. You know how, if someone says the word milk, your mind/memory will flash a picture of a cow? Well, my mind whispers 'God' every time I see a lighthouse. (I presume it was a Sunday School lesson about how He's always there for us like the lighthouses are for the ships, or something of the sort.)

Whatever the reason, I couldn't think of a better way to end each week, than by incorporating this long standing love relationship with lighthouses in a new regular post.

Orfordness Lighthouse (Suffolk) is perilously close to falling in the sea after being exposed by coastal erosion. - BBC News


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