Rose McGowan's Open Letter to Caitlin - My Thoughts

Before we continue, please first read this post - Rose McGowan wrote an angry letter to Caitlyn Jenner about that Woman of the Year award.

"...expecting more from a fashion magazine award ceremony is weird."

I don't think that's accurate. As women in the public eye, they should always know and understand that they represent the world's view of the rest of us. I get that I might be too critical here, but surely that weight of responsibility is part of the compromises (sacrifices?) in exchange for the money & fame?

"...her words suggest that Jenner isn't really a woman at all, which is a stereotype transgender women are fighting themselves."

True. It might've done Rose some good to calm down before ranting on Facebook (a mistake many of our generation keep making these days). Her feelings were valid, but in a less angered state she may have reworded her reaction and would not have come across as if trying to bash Caitlin so harshly. Maybe she would've realised that the struggles Caitlin faced before her transition makes it difficult for her to really grasp the effect stereotypes have on all women (not just on transgender women), and then maybe she could have approached the matter differently to still get her point across.

"No one was writing Caitlyn open letters about her bad choices when she was going by 'Bruce'. "

Not as far as I know, no. Probably because her transgender identity wasn't public knowledge, so the world out here wasn't aware of the fact that Bruce was anything other than a man. I also don't know of any occasions on which Caitlyn made similar statements when she was going by "Bruce".

What do you think of it all? Do you think I'm missing the point(s) entirely?


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