Horrifying Humour

These two Kiwi films turned out to be quite the Double-Feature Treat for us this past Saturday night, and I simply had to tell you about them before I forget!

This is the funniest thing I've seen in some time.

The entire cast had me giggling my ass off*, but I don't mean to oversell it and ruin your experience (I think that's what I already did to my cousin before making her watch it with us again on Sunday), so I won't say much about what you should expect, nor will I tell you which were my favourite funny bits...

I just think that if you like whatever's dark & unusual, as I do, you should give this one a look-see.

*And my heart will forever hold a soft spot for Viago.

Coincidentally, the initial trailer/review I saw for WWDITS, also made a reference to this New Zealand film - so naturally I had to see it too.

What I specifically enjoyed about it, is how they mixed in just enough silly dark humour into the story to give you a break from the creepy suspense, and although not perfect, they managed to keep the plot line entertaining enough until the end.

On the flip side, what I hated, was the security guard's acting.


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