Fisgard Lighthouse, Canada

Fisgard. It sounds like something out of a Kim Wilkins novel, but it's actually the first lighthouse built on Canada's West Coast.

PC: Matt Hall

"Built by the British in 1860, when Vancouver Island was not yet part of Canada, Fisgard's red brick house and white tower has stood faithfully at the entrance to Esquimalt harbour. Once a beacon for the British Royal Navy's Pacific Squadron, today Fisgard still marks home base for the Royal Canadian Navy." [- Fisgard 

Binge-watching 'What's for Sale? With a View' might be to blame, but I can't get over this one. Isn't it gorgeous?

PC: Heather Jones via

It seriously looks good from every angle.

PC: Dennis Crabtree

PC: David Broad

Happy Lighthouse Dreams,


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