Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, U.S.A.

PC: Jatinkumar Thakkar

The original lighthouse was constructed in Bristol, Maine, using saltwater in 1827. It soon started crumbling so in 1835 it had to be replaced with a new structure, built using fresh water. And thank goodness for that! It's gorgeous.

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Looking at the rock that slopes downward to the sea, it's quite obvious why this lighthouse was built in the first place. No ship's bow would survive that coastline if it came upon it without warning.

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Volunteers open the tower to the public daily between 10:30 am and 17:00 pm, weather permitting, and you can climb it free of charge. That's if you are able to make your way all the way over there. I resign myself to the fact that I can only view it in photographs like the ones I posted here - and with the WebCam.

PC: John Bald


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