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Memory Preservation

We don't have an abundance of photo albums in my home. Back in the day, families like mine often only had one camera - and developing photos wasn't a cheap undertaking, so my father had a camera that we shared amongst the six (later seven) of us, but all photos weren't always developed, so there are many years and moments we have no visual record of. My mother obviously kept an album on each one of her kids, but I think mine stops at around my twelfth year. I therefore have nothing to look back on (or very, very few) taken throughout my high school years.

Things changed on my 21st birthday when I received my own camera - a digital one! And these days taking a photo is easier than ever, because thanks to smartphones you no longer need a separate camera in order to take photos, save them, and share them. Unfortunately, although I love looking at photographs, I'm not that great with actually snapping them. I often get so lost in the moment or physical experience that I simply forget. This absentmindedness was bred in my home, because as you can probably deduce, we were never brought up to be focused on capturing memories, save for the odd uncomfortably posed family photo here and there.

Displaying or sharing photos is also definitely not my strong point. I kid you not, I actually have photo frames in my home, which still contain the pictures they had in them when I bought them. Also, if it weren't for my husband, our wedding photos won't be on Facebook, and I still have to do something with the photos we took on our UK tour this past June. The shame!

I'm so jealous of Heather Greenwood Davis. Her post "In Praise of the Imperfect Photograph" made me realise what I'm missing out on now, so I want to urge you to take as many photos as you can. Preserve your memories. Avoid getting stuck in the mental mud like me, because the more time passes me by, the trickier it gets to remember the finer detail of the precious imperfect moments from the past.


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