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Stay Open-Minded And Conscious

Monica Lewinsky's Ted Talk got me thinking some more about what we see and hear every day. Fortunately I have not personally been subjected to cyber bullying, but two aspects of current social interaction leaves a serious thorn in my side.

Troll Fees

I admit that I'm a big, fat virtual voyeur who often lurk in the background and read comments on posts like this Ted Talk as well as other blog entries, Youtube videos, etc without uttering a single word; but it especially struck me over the past few weeks how many viewers/readers air opinions that make them seem like bullies. It's as if they're purely trolling about for anything on which they can add (or should I say claim?) their negative two cents.
Am I delusional in thinking that an open mind means that we should listen, read, and view without our own agendas and opinions on the foreground? That we should first find out whether what another person chose to share has any validity to it, instead of immediately trying to spot as many ideas, opinions or feelings we possibly can to shoot down? How will we ever learn anything new and widen our intellectual horizons if we're forever unwilling to consider anything we did not come up with ourselves?
Of course I understand that open-mindedness should not equate to being a pushover or a censor (we should celebrate and allow free speech everywhere and always!). As naive as I may come across in saying so, I just think we can make our voices heard in a kinder manner.

Internet's Forever

A very obvious principle seems to have been lost in digitalisation: for as long as I can remember, putting something in writing meant that whatever was said or agreed upon became more serious and final, like the way a marriage contract adds legal weight to romantic relationships. For some odd reason, people forgot this, or maybe they think that the typed word cannot possibly be the final one too?
Everyone should have the common sense to understand (and teach their children) that anything shared online or on any electronic device is almost always out there forever. Ready to pounce on them from the past without warning. Think and be present, and not just online.


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