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If I could just get started, I'd be unstoppable!

So I'm supposed to be working... I think I'm suffering from Worker's Block. It's the same old procrastinating trait I had in school during exams, when - suddenly in the midst of study hour, I just HAD TO move every piece of furniture in my room. I know I'm supposed to be putting time & effort into doing the things I never have time for during my normal work week so that I can still make the deadlines, but I can't bring myself to do them. Straight down into every fibre of my being I just don't. Want. To. How am I supposed to get past myself?

Actually this is not a difficulty I experience with work alone. My long term struggle with my weight is also a byproduct of this dysfunctional part of me. I hate the position I'm in health-wise, but I continue sabotaging any hopes of changing the situation. Why? In the end I do not believe the answer to that question is even relevant, I just think I should stop overanalysing & get down to business.


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