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I've Found the Fountain of Youth!

Based on a little convo between my cousin & I on Facebook today, I realised how easy it is becoming for me to fall out of touch with current news & trends. Ageing carries with it an increase in responsibilities & I therefore do not always find time to watch news (or daytime tv) or go out as often as I did when I was even younger, but social media channels (my favourites at the moment being Twitter & Pinterest) obviously make it easier for me to see/experience what I might be missing out on while working my ass off - and then it hit me:

Social Media is the Fountain of Youth!

Unfortunately I cannot coin the philosophy. A quick Google search proved that some others have come to the same realisation already (eg. see Fastblink's 5 Reasons). Darn it. Darn it all to hell! Luckily, the fact that I'm - once again - a few steps behind others, does not mean I'm not allowed to travel along the same route, so cheers to that at least ;)


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