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If You See My Husband, Tell Him This...

We've been seeing very little of each other lately. Other than the few minutes before & after we sleep, we've been drifting by each other through the fog created by our social activities, which are almost all aligned with our affinity for contrasting pastimes (he's much more into anything & everything "geeky" and/or related to off-road cycling than I will probably ever be) as well as the difference between our normal working hours.

I'm not too perturbed. Yet*. I just find it very difficult to hint towards what I want when not in his personal space. And this year, for Valentine's I want the whole shebang:  flowers delivered to my office, candy, dinner AND a the stuffed toy.

Yes, yes, yes. Valentine's day is such a commercialisation of what everyone else wants love to look like; and maybe wanting - so badly - to be a good feminist & believer in equality means that I shouldn't really care about it, but I can't help it. Be it hormone fluctuations or newlywed syndrome, this year I really want it all, so please be a doll & tell him when you see him.

*You see, I have a plan. I'm implementing Couples Cycling as from next Sunday. Although it requires a bit of a gear shift (and emotional preparation for what my fanny's going to feel like after meeting the seat) on my side, I'm not at all feeling resentful about it - despite what others may think. He works hard to keep his ADHD from upsetting my OCD too much, so I just want to show him I'm trying too. And when has exercise ever been bad for anything other than my lazy gene?


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