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Good-bye Locks, Good-bye Honeymoon

Okay, so they finally managed to breach our defenses; and left with (amongst other things) a laptop, PS3, hubby's wedding ring & silver watch. We bought our home last year and it definitely isn't the first time someone tried to get in - we're in SA after all - but it is the first time goods were stolen.
Unfortunately for the thieves I do not own anything other than plus-sized clothing, weird shoes, costume jewellery, make-up and hair accessories. However, for us it also means that they've now taken everything valuable we don't carry around with us/keep off the premises; and we don't have household insurance.
The insurance is not really THAT much of a bummer for me, because generally we prefer to save for and spend on experiences rather than possessions, but this does mean we are forced to face the obvious security loopholes for the sake of personal safety (an axe is currently lying at the crime scene entry point waiting for fingerprint dusting, imagine how that could've gone had we been in the house)...and financially it means that our belated honeymoon plans (we wanted to go somewhere around the date of our 1st anniversary, because our wedding itself practically exhausted our savings entirely) has now been shelfed in exchange for additional burglar proofing.
At times like these all I can do to stay hopeful for us and this country I love so dearly, is to think about how bad things could've gotten & to believe that things will change around here in time. But first, Karma, go ahead and do your stuff!


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that you had a break-in! Loss of possessions aside, I think it's such violation when people invade your personal domain like that. "Karma, go ahead and do your stuff!" Yes, indeed! :)

  2. You're so right, Little Gothic Horrors! Everything that used to spell out H-O-M-E just feels slightly off afterwards.


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